Car Dwelling

So there’s that whole #vanlife thing. And I’ve gotta admit it sounds super enticing. But I can’t afford a van. Sooooooo 

*drumroll please*

We’re moving into our car.

I am beyond excited! It’s going to be Me, my boyfriend, our pitbull, our cat, and hopefully a kitten soon. Here’s a picture of the little girl well be adoping soon. I think she’s ready to come with us.

Anyhow! We’re super excited. My boyfriend built us a solar generator for our energy needs and a swamp cooler of sorts out of an old cooler. 

Now I should probably be clear for those of you who might be worried about the whole car thing and how were going to fit situation. We have a hatchback and were both pretty short so we will be fine!
So the countdown begins.

In about 5 days our lease is up. Today my boyfriend quit his job and soon were going on a road trip to Oregon to watch the eclipse (In my opinion a great way to kick this off). Then we’ll be taking the a trip down the Pacific coast highway!
Bah! I’m so excited. I’ll be sure to update frequently!


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