Day One

So today is the last day of our lease. I turned in the house keys and got butters a harness and leash for our new lifestyle. At first he seemed to hate it but as soon as we started walking around he stopped putting up resistance

Tonight we will live in the mountains to get away from this 100 degree weather. 



Car Dwelling

So there’s that whole #vanlife thing. And I’ve gotta admit it sounds super enticing. But I can’t afford a van. Sooooooo 

*drumroll please*

We’re moving into our car.

I am beyond excited! It’s going to be Me, my boyfriend, our pitbull, our cat, and hopefully a kitten soon. Here’s a picture of the little girl well be adoping soon. I think she’s ready to come with us.

Anyhow! We’re super excited. My boyfriend built us a solar generator for our energy needs and a swamp cooler of sorts out of an old cooler. 

Now I should probably be clear for those of you who might be worried about the whole car thing and how were going to fit situation. We have a hatchback and were both pretty short so we will be fine!
So the countdown begins.

In about 5 days our lease is up. Today my boyfriend quit his job and soon were going on a road trip to Oregon to watch the eclipse (In my opinion a great way to kick this off). Then we’ll be taking the a trip down the Pacific coast highway!
Bah! I’m so excited. I’ll be sure to update frequently!

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Granny squares

I always thought that a granny square was just the one pattern. You know the one with all the holes. (Hahaha all patterns technically have holes) if you’re not new to crochet you’ll know I’m talking about.

Anyhow, when I found out there are hundreds of different types of crochet squares and everyone calls them granny squares I was like “whaaaaaat?”. But yeah, it’s a thing.

Anyhow the point of this post is to ask if anyone knows the real name of this square below.

I’m over here typing up my pattern and I realized. I don’t know what this square is called. Well ain’t that a peach.

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I know (to whoever cares) I promised a crochet pattern this weekend. But as I was typing it up I kept thinking.. “am I telling them to get enough yarn”. Because here’s the thing, with all of these projects I’ve been making I have NO idea how much yarn they take since I’ve just been trying to use up my yarn stash.

I talked to one of my co-workers about it today and she thinks I should just upload it anyway. So to hell with exact numbers (until I figure them out) 
I’ll upload my pattern! Just… uhm.. not right now. 


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Patterns are hard.

Well not hard, but tedious. I’m in the middle of working on writing out my first pattern. I started out really excited and now i just really want a nap (oh why did i decide to quit drinking coffee). Im listening to all of these tutorials for inspiration and its just suckin the fun outta me. They’re all so booorrrrriiiing. The audio is all off, the camera quality is blah. And they feel like my boring aunt.


I should make a crochet channel. And it will be.. hopefully… not boring. Teehee.


Well I’ve got to get back to work on that pattern. I think I’ll release the pattern for the baby blanket first since I feel like it is the easiest.


And Because I feel like it here’s a picture of me trying to crochet stitch swatches. Just because.




Creativity in the workplace

Is it just me, or does office life just suck the individuality out of you? That’s rhetorical. Of course it does! You can’t dress how you feel. Your hair has to be just right. Maybe on some level you can get away with a little bit of “you” pinned to your collar but not if you want to get that promotion.

And so the reason we stay in these soul sucking places is because we need to feed ourselves somehow right? Then doesn’t that make these places evil? 

I dunno, I guess some food for thought. 

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So if you don’t know what WIP Wednesday is its a day for you share what project is currently on your hooks/needles. If you have been following me the past week you know I’m working on a diaper bag trying to use up any bit of yarn I have left. So I’m just going to bombard you with pictures of the blanket it will go with and the bag itself. 
Queue wouldn’t it be nice
Mental Montage

And now to the diaper bag…

Hahaha and there yah have it.
I’ll publish my pattern this weekend it’s fairly simple and I think it’d be a great beginner project.