Day One

So today is the last day of our lease. I turned in the house keys and got butters a harness and leash for our new lifestyle. At first he seemed to hate it but as soon as we started walking around he stopped putting up resistance

Tonight we will live in the mountains to get away from this 100 degree weather. 



Car Dwelling

So there’s that whole #vanlife thing. And I’ve gotta admit it sounds super enticing. But I can’t afford a van. Sooooooo 

*drumroll please*

We’re moving into our car.

I am beyond excited! It’s going to be Me, my boyfriend, our pitbull, our cat, and hopefully a kitten soon. Here’s a picture of the little girl well be adoping soon. I think she’s ready to come with us.

Anyhow! We’re super excited. My boyfriend built us a solar generator for our energy needs and a swamp cooler of sorts out of an old cooler. 

Now I should probably be clear for those of you who might be worried about the whole car thing and how were going to fit situation. We have a hatchback and were both pretty short so we will be fine!
So the countdown begins.

In about 5 days our lease is up. Today my boyfriend quit his job and soon were going on a road trip to Oregon to watch the eclipse (In my opinion a great way to kick this off). Then we’ll be taking the a trip down the Pacific coast highway!
Bah! I’m so excited. I’ll be sure to update frequently!