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Making a crochet pattern..

So as I’m progressing with this diaper bag I feel like I should absolutely make a pattern for it. I’m using pretty basic stitches but I’m wondering if anyone would even want it. There are so many patterns out there. 

I think I will. Only problem is I’m of the “just wing it” variety of crafters. I’d have to type it an uaaahhhh so much work. But maybe it would be gratifying and give me some sort of sense of accomplishment. 

I’ll do it!
And I’ll publish it ooooonnnnn…. Saturday? Seems like that would give me enough time. Hey maybe I’ll include the baby blanket pattern.
Note to self: Take better pictures of that baby blanket.


Office Crochet

Crocheting at the office is the best thing ever. Maybe some would disagree and call it a distraction but those people have obviously never crocheted. Nothing helps you  focus more then the repetitive task of “yarn over, pull through two loops, yarn over, pull through two loops”. I have to listen to some really long calls sometimes and I gotta say, the crochet helps me focus. 
All that to say, I’m making a diaper bag to go with the baby blanket I made a while back. (See pictures below)

Now the new question is when I’m done making it if I should sell it on etsy or gift it to a pregnant person.


Finishing up a yarn stash

So I have this dream of living in my car. But with the size of my yarn stash there’s no way that I could fit in my car with my boyfriend in tow. And the dilemma of a fibre artist is that you just can’t get rid of your stash. You have to utilize every last bit. 

So here are some pictures of my stash as is! 

(I actually have quite a bit more yarn but am too lazy to yank it all out of my craft “tool” box)

And I’m really excited. I’ve been crocheting non stop and am thinking I might open up an etsy shop with all the things I’ve been making. 

I’ll be posting as frequently as I can with updates of the things I’m making. And hey maybe I’ll even make up some patterns to post!
Excited 🌵

If you want to see more pictures of my projects I’ll probably post more frequently on Instagram.